Ecology Apology

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Ecology Apology


‘Ecology Apology’ experiments with merging design and marketing through guerrilla marketing techniques, communicating more tangibly with viewers through an experiential encounter.

The sculpture aims to create dialogue through provoking viewers to consider the effects man-made materials have on our natural environment and encouraging viewers to reflect on their own careless use of plastics. Two months’ worth of Riley’s plastic waste has been upcycled into a series of small sculptures, constructing a stark contrast between the materiality of the sculpture and the output.

The contrast between the materiality and how people perceive the output explores what’s considered valuable in society today, as well as the value placed on plastics. Natural resources, which take millions of years to form, are stripped in order to produce products lasting minutes or even seconds to then be thrown out, damaging the very ecology they were pulled from. Garbage bags hung around the sculpture enclose 2 months’ worth of Riley’s plastic waste, visually illustrating the volume of plastic waste one person generates.