Michael Smallcombe

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Michael Smallcombe

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive Visual Design)
/ Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science)

I’m Mike, a junior web developer and graphic designer with a love for retro technology and a passion for creating interactive data-driven experiences.

As a web developer, I specialise in front-end development, and assist in UI/UX design of engaging and interactive data visualisation projects for commercial and research purposes.

As a designer, I have an admiration for minimalism and ‘timeless progressivism’ aesthetics from the mid 20th century tech sector, and an interest in graphic communication and branding.

In my spare time, I love driving old cars without airbags, and absorbing caffeine directly into my bloodstream.

Interests: Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Data Visualisation, Fullstack Web Development, and Morris Minors