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OTB - Outside The Box


For Australian sporting fans who are tired of mainstream and repetitive sporting media, and seek better access to athletes, teams and inner sanctums, 'Outside The Box' media is the answer.

'OTB' is a multi faceted media channel that, in the mould of American sporting culture, takes a light hearted look at the sports we all love so much but also empowers athletes to provide a player driven media channel with access never before seen in the Australian sporting market.

Unlike mainstream media channels, OTB is unique, empowering, player driven, unbiased and gives fans an unfiltered and light hearted look into the sporting world from the side of the fence they all wish they were standing on.

Through creative and alternative blogs, articles, video series and podcasts, OTB intends to publish stories providing honest, vulnerable, raw and unique insights and perspective, and ultimately brings fans closer than ever to the players and sports they love.